This Minidisc deck is excellent ++ condition and in perfect working order.  It comes with remote control, two (2) new AA batteries, and operations manual.  You can also download the manual at the below link:

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Sony Electronics' MDS-JE510 full-size MiniDisc recorder combines advanced editing and recording capabilities, instant access and digital sound quality.  It offers several features for a wide range of users who need the speed and versatility of MD editing and cueing in a highly affordable package. These features include a sample-rate converter for performing digital-to-digital recordings from DAT.  The converter also automatically adjusts incoming 48kHz digital audio sampling rates to the 44.1 kHz sampling rate of MiniDisc.  A one-bit pulse analog-to-digital converter also ensures accurate recording from analog sources.

The MDS-JE510 also features an 8x oversampling, 18-bit playback digital filter for increased stereo imaging and higher levels of accuracy, and a pulse D/A converter that minimizes zero cross distortion. As a result, smooth, open sound can be achieved. The hybrid converter design of the recorder places the playback digital filter and D/A converter on a single IC chip to create shorter signal paths. The unit's Shock Resistant Memory (SRM) buffer can hold up to 10 seconds of music for uninterrupted playback, even if the unit is accidentally jostled and features a Jog Dial for split-second track access, allowing users to skip forwards or backwards through tracks. 

Three play modes (Continue, Shuffle and Program) give users the ability to repeat a disc or song, or repeat between any two designated points.  In addition, 25-track programming enables songs to be played in any sequence, and a 25-track music calendar provides a visual display of songs played, songs remaining and songs programmed. A Text Entry feature lets users customize recordable MiniDiscs with up to 1,700 characters per disc.

The MDS-JE510 boasts several powerful editing capabilities. Through the Table of Contents, users can erase one or all tracks, or combine, divide and move tracks. The Smart Space feature provides a uniform, three-second space between all songs, and Auto Cut Record Pause places the unit in Record Pause mode after recording 30 seconds of silence. The CD Synchro Record feature coordinates the Record and Pause modes with Sony CD players, and optical inputs and outputs allow for direct connection from a CD player or DAT recorder. Other features of the MDS-JE510 include: a Headphone Output with volume control; and a Remote Commander® remote control with 25-key Direct Access"' track selection, title input and power on/off. 

Weighing seven pounds, two ounces, the MDS-JE510 is currently available at a suggested list price of $360.




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