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E-MU ORBIT 9090 V2 The Dance Planet
FURMAN PL-8 Power/ light Module
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E-mu Systems Orbit V2

32 voice 16 part multi-timbral sound module



Orbit the Dance Planet® V2 has landed and is ready to Groove Your World.
With over 600 of the earth's most cutting edge samples and the introduction of new rhythmic features,
Orbit V2 blasts its way to the forefront as the dance musi machine. Orbit V2 features 32 voices of
polyphony, 640 presets (384 ROM, 256 RAM), is 16 part multitimbral and has 6 analog outputs. Edit
and tweak Orbit V2's sounds to express your unique creative vision by using its powerful filters,
MIDI synchronized LFOs, and MIDIPatch™ Modulation System. If that's not enough, Orbit V2 is
also equipped with plenty of user-editable "BEATS". With its unique sounds and flexibility, you can
alter Orbit V2's "BEATS" to fit your innovative style.

Talented E-mu® sound designers, along with programmers from the European company, Control
Synthesis LTD., spent thousands of hours sampling, researching and creating Orbit V2's tremendous
sound set. Orbit V2's waveforms were gathered from all around the world, and were especially
chosen to exploit Orbit V2's dynamic synth parameters. Deep, pulsating basses, ambient, melodic
pads, cutting edge percussion and drums, in your face synths and massive effects and hits - they are
all here and carefully prepared to be the ideal sound set for dance music.

BEATS Mode - the heart of Orbit V2
Orbit V2's "BEATS Mode" has 100 drum loops which have been programmed by some of the
world's best programmers, and as cool as these drum loops are, they only scratch the surface of what
Orbit V2 can do. "BEATS Mode" drum loops are not just static samples that lock you into only one
tempo and sound set - they use sequenced drum parts that can play any of the sounds in Orbit V2.
This means you can change the tempo of a beat without changing the pitch, you can change any or all
of the sounds triggered and you can route any or all of the sounds through Orbit V2's powerful
synthesis functions. The level of interactivity that "Beats Mode" provides is unprecedented in a sound
module, and the control over drum loops that "BEATS Mode" provides puts Orbit in a totally different
galaxy from other dance sound modules.

Filters are an integral part of dance music, and E-mu's world famous filters are a perfect fit for Orbit
V2. There are 32 6-pole resonant filters in Orbit V2 with 17 different types consisting of low-pass,
high-pass, band-pass, phaser, flanger, EQ, morphing and more. By using Orbit V2's MIDIPatch
Modulation System, filters can be routed to real time controllers for complete expressiveness. Also,
by using the two synchronized LFOs as modulation sources to the filter, Orbit V2 can create cool and
interesting rhythmic filter lines.

Orbit V2's features and sound set are perfect for the dance musician, but the synthesizer enthusiast
will also find that Orbit V2 is out of this world. It's here, it's loud, it's monstrous and it grooves -
Feel the Energy.


Orbit V2 Specifications and Menus

Master Menu
Master Tune, Transpose, Global Bend, Global Velocity Curve, Mix Output, MIDI Mode, MIDI Mode
Change, MIDI Overflow, MIDI Enable, Preset Change, Controller #A/B, Controller #C/D,
Footswitch #, MIDI Program -> Preset, Send MIDI Data, User Key Tuning, Viewing Angle, Demo
Sequence, BEATS Mode, Global Tempo, Bank Select, Song Start/Stop, BEATS MIDI Out, X-Factor
Control, BEAT Control

Edit Menu
Preset Name, Primary Instrument, Secondary Instrument, Key Range, Volume, Pan, Coarse Tuning,
Fine Tuning, Alternate Volume Envelope, Primary Envelope Parameters (AHDSR), Secondary
Envelope Parameters (AHDSR), Delay, Sound Start, Reverse Sound, Solo Mode, Portamento Rate,
Chorus, XFade Mode, XFade Direction, XFade Balance, XFade Amount, Switch Point, Primary
Filter Type, Primary Filter Fc&Q;, Secondary Filter Type, Secondary Filter Fc&Q.; Alternate
Envelope, Amount Delay, Alternate Envelope (AHDSR), LFO1 Shape Amount, LFO2
Rate-Delay-Variation, LFO2 Shape Amount, LFO2 Rate-Delay-Variation, Key/Velocity Control,
Real-time Control, Footswitch Control, Pitch Bend Range, Pressure Amount, Controller Amount
A/B, Controller Amount C/D, Velocity Curve, Keyboard Center, Keyboard Tuning, Mix Output,
Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Save Presets.

MIDIPatch™ Modulation System
Key Number and Velocity Modulation Control:
Up to six simultaneous patches per preset may be programmed.
Sources: 2 (Key Number and Key Velocity)
Destinations: 42
Realtime Modulation Control
Up to eight simultaneous patches per preset may be programmed.
Sources: 10
Destinations: 33
Footswitch Control:
Up to three simultaneous switches per preset may be programmed.
Sources: 3 (Footswitch 1, Footswitch 2, Footswitch 3)
Destinations: 10

Technical Specifications
Audio Channels: 32
Presets: 640
Beats: 100
Songs: 28
Data Encoding: 16-bit, linear, 18-bit DACs
Sound Memory: 8 MB
Signal to Noise: >90dB
Dynamic Range: >90dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-18kHz (+/- 6dB)
Distortion: <.05% THD
Power Consumption: 15 Watts
Voltage Input: 90VAC-260VAC at 50Hz-60Hz
Maximum Output Level: +4dB into 600 Ohms
Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
Effects Return 1 In (stereo), Effects Return 2 (stereo), MIDI In
Six, polyphonic (configurable as three pairs of stereo outputs w/programmable panning), mono mix,
MIDI out, MIDI thru
Rack Dimensions
Height: 1.75", Width: 19", Depth 8.5"



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