Alesis EuroDance QCard


Product Description

The 8 Megabyte EuroDance QCard offers every sound you need to create maximum- power dance productions and remixes. Whether you're into Techno, Trance, Ambient, Industrial, or House music, the EuroDance QCard offers an intense collection of flowing drum and bass grooves, mind-blowing noise bursts and filter sweeps, smooth and resonant synth waves, and much more.

You‰ll find almost 300 high-quality drum/music loops, swirling synth pads, and instrument/noise samples that are guaranteed to inspire your creativity. Taking you from the trendiest clubs of London and Berlin to private all-night raves, this card gives you dozens of fat synth waves, house pianos and organs, smooth FM bass sounds, and vintage drum machines.

As soon as you plug in the Euro Dance QCard, you'll find 128 Programs and 100 Mixes laid out and ready to use with Alesis' QS Series or QuadraSynth synthesizers. This QCard is completely self-referencing, so it's 100% plug-and-play. Plus, since all its sounds are hand-crafted using 16-bit, 48kHz linear, master-quality samples, and state-of-the-art synth voicing, it delivers the better-than-CD sonic quality you've come to expect from Alesis synthesizers.

Technical Info

Preset Programs
0 Percolator
1 Phobe
2 DataFrogs
3 Darshan
4 Nebulous
5 Omen
6 Cybot
7 Kronosis
8 GrooveTrek
9 Caravan
10 CyberCrime
11 Bungee
12 Cryogenics
13 UB Riddim
14 LiquidDub1
15 LiquidDub2
16 Echo Dub
17 Dub Church
18 HardTrance
19 Propulsion
20 UseModWhl!
21 3oh3SawMW
22 3oh3SqrMW
23 Rave03SwMW
24 Rave03SqMW
25 BsLineSwMW
26 BsLineSqMW
27 Euro Bass
28 Attk Bass
29 PhutureBas
30 Deep Bass
31 Unit Bass
32 Rogue Bass
33 MegarzBass
34 TresorBass
35 SquareBass
36 JungleBass
37 Organ Bass
38 Thwap FM
39 Klub Kore
40 Technozid
41 Technodrom
42 House Jam
43 HouseJelly
44 Techniac
45 Volt Stack
46 SimplySaw
47 Strate Saw
48 Reson8
49 Saw Rez MW
50 HPSweep MW
51 HiPasSeqMW
52 OhTreeVel
53 Squareman
54 SineOfTime
55 HP Comper
56 Flange Hye
57 Nasty 5th
58 VoxMachina
59 Perc Choir
60 MinorChoir
61 HouseOrgan
62 HousePiano
63 MinMajSwps
64 Syn Chords
65 Oh3SwSeqMW
66 Oh3SqSeqMW
67 Swp Seq MW
68 Vintag2600
69 ModularOne
70 Warm Pad
71 MightyBras
72 VinStrings
73 Slo Choir
74 Oxygene
75 Gemini
76 Altair IV
77 Megalith
78 Xenakis
79 Hose Me
80 Moon&Womb
81 Viscera
82 GlimmerPad
83 Nature Pad
84 Space Eko
85 Debris
86 PhaseArray
87 Treatment
88 Romulux
89 Strafing
90 HousePno1
91 HousePno2
92 KorusPiano
93 VirtRoads
94 VirtWurliz
95 HouseDrwBr
96 HouseOrgn1
97 HouseOrgn2
98 HouseOrgn3
99 LatexOrgan
100 Crystaline
101 Glingdongs
102 AdditvBell
103 Trinidad
104 PentaTone
105 Jam Guitar
106 Gittar
107 Guitar Pad
108 Strummers
109 DirtGitarr
110 Rave Kit
111 Techno Kit
112 House Kit
113 Jungle Kit
114 Trance Kit
115 Loop Kit
116 Club Kit
117 8oh8 Kit
118 Sear78 Kit
119 E-Drum Kit
120 NoiseShots
121 Cyber Wars
122 Blackdrop
123 X-Ray Pad
124 Adrift
125 Submariner
126 Fishery
127 Cricketry

Preset Mixes
0 Percuneb
1 Cybot Trek
2 PhrogPhobe
3 Kronomen
4 LiqdChurch
5 UB Bungee
6 Propulsor
7 Organic
8 Syn Chord
9 WithChoir
10 Euro Mod
11 Stereo MW1
12 Stereo MW2
13 Stereo MW3
14 Wheel Tek
15 FuzzBuster
16 ThickJelly
17 Very Hairy
18 RogueAttak
19 Sqr Kore
20 Saw Thing1
21 Saw Thing2
22 Saw Thing3
23 Pluk/Vel
24 RezBusters
25 Chorpano
26 Choir Fizz
27 AirTron
28 Orgaga
29 Intervalus
30 Oxy Comp
31 Oxy Pad
32 Distance
33 Digivintge
34 Nexus Six
35 Zshimmers
36 Gemulux
37 Brighter
38 Warm Array
39 WarmDebris
40 WheelSplit
41 Brightnez
42 Bug/Buzzy
43 Plk/Buzz
44 Cool/Coolr
45 Grit/Grate
46 Big/Air
47 Big/Fifths
48 Fat/Thins
49 Banj Ohs
50 StrumSplit
51 Step Split
52 Geld Split
53 Psye Split
54 Swel Split
55 Soli Split
56 Saww Split
57 Zizz Split
58 Paff Split
59 Airr Split
60 Kinder Pno
61 DiamondPno
62 Rez Pno
63 Pianolina
64 Organo Pno
65 SuperCheez
66 Buzzville
67 Airgan
68 Warmorgan
69 Wet Organ
70 Warm Bell
71 Fizzibell
72 Brethibell
73 WithStrngs
74 CleanStack
75 DubbleGuit
76 SparklGuit
77 Guitaria
78 GuitStrngs
79 Guitorgan
80 Dirty Kit
81 Spash Kit
82 Meaty Kit
83 Spang Kit
84 Maddy Kit
85 Tubal Kit
86 Fubar Kit
87 Tappy Kit
88 Fat Synkit
89 Metal Kit
90 RedOctober
91 Vortex
92 What The?!
93 Psi Corps
94 aBitofGrit
95 Z'Ha'Dum
96 Sweepster
97 Wraith
98 VorlonHart
99 SuperNatur


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